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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Alternate Reality: The Great RPG Tournament

Over on RPG Blog II, Zachary has started up The Great RPG Tournament, riffing off the NCAA Men's Basketball tournament. Since he was kind enough to make use of my momentum rule suggestion I thought I'd take his bracket and give it a twist. Instead of running the tournament using dice, I'll use the results of the actual tournament to play out the RPG bracket. I'll be curious to see how closely the final games match up.

Here's the results after the first round of play: Alternate Reality Bracket. Note the clean sweep by Traveller Conference, the strong showing by the Big D&D (three of five advance), and the Rust Monster 13 over 4 upset.

Personally I'm hoping for a Grue region showdown between Shadowrun and Epic Role-Playing (go Boilermakers & Terps), though my money's on Classic Traveller to take the tournament.

If anyone spots any errors in my transcription of results, please drop me a comment.
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