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Friday, March 20, 2009

Seeds of Renewal

Today being the first day of Spring, I thought I'd put together an appropriate item for the season.

These items are found in a small linen pouch or a sealed jar containing 3d6 Seeds. The Seeds themselves are unremarkable save for their large size (each is the size of a grown man's thumb). Each collection of Seeds will contain at least two varieties of Seed (choose or roll randomly). Discovering the use of any Seed is a Good test of divination magic. Individual properties of each type are outlined below:
  1. Sunflower - Easily recognized by its hard black and white streaked shell, the Sunflower Seed radiates Great alteration magic. Planted at dusk and watered with a cup of fresh spring water, the Sunflower seed will grow to full height and size overnight, insuring clear and pleasant weather in a 20 mile radius for one day. The plant withers and dies at sunset.
  2. Corn - This fat yellow kernel radiates Great alteration magic. When planted in soil enriched with manure this Seed springs instantly to full height, producing 2d6 heavily laden ears of grain. Each ear produces enough grain to feed a single mount for a day. Once harvested, ears last one week. The plant withers and dies at sunset.
  3. Holly - This bright red berry radiates Great protection magic. Plant in dry soil, then draw a circle up to 20 feet in diameter around the site. Immediately a low hedge will spring up, enclosing the inscribed space. This hedge is so dense as to prevent small creatures from passing, and provides Good protection against the entry of spirits or enchanted creatures. The hedge withers and vanishes at sunrise.
  4. Apple - These hard brown seeds radiate Great alteration and healing magic. When planted near running water this Seed sprouts into a miniature apple tree, producing 2d6 bright red apples. Each apple serves as a full day's food and provides a Good strength cure for any disease or poison afflicting whoever consumes it. Once harvested apples last one week. The tree withers and dies after one hour.
  5. Pepper - This pale, flat Seed radiates Great evocation magic. When planted under the light of the noon sun this Seed immediately sprouts and grows into a sturdy pepper plant bearing 2d6 small red fruits. Each fruit may be thrown up to 30 feet, exploding in a burst of flame for Good fire damage in a five foot radius. The plant withers and dies at sunset.
  6. Nightshade - These white, rounded seeds radiate Great alteration magic. When planted at midnight under a new moon they instantly grow into a small, pale plant bearing 2d6 round, purple fruits. Each fruit contains one dose of an odorless, tasteless ingestion poison of Great strength. The poison remains potent for one week. The plant withers and dies at sunrise.
  7. Acorn - The acorn radiates Great necromantic magic. Soak this Seed in a cup of human blood overnight, then place it in the mouth of a slain comrade laid out on holy ground. Over the course of a week a mighty oak will grow from and consume the remains. At the end of the week the tree will split in half, revealing the resurrected companion, fully restored to health.
  8. Pumpkin - The tan, oval pumpkin Seed radiates Great alteration magic. When planted at midnight of the Spring Equinox and watered with the blood of a sacrificed lamb this Seed will sprout into a robust vine bearing 1d8 pumpkins. After one week the pumpkins may be harvested and split open. Each will contain one new Seed of a random type. The plant withers and dies at midnight, one week after being planted.
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