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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gloves of the Cat Burglar

This item consists of a pair of very thin gloves of the finest gray-dyed leather, sewn with silvery threads of giant spider silk. A faint skein of iridescent lines shimmers across the palm-side of the left glove while a similar pattern of black lines is barely visible on the right. The gloves radiate Good alteration and evocation magic. Unlocking the secrets of the gloves is a Great test of divination magic. The gloves have the following powers:
  • Grant a Good bonus to skill tests requiring fine motor skills (picking locks, finding and removing traps, transcribing a document for example). This passive bonus is active whenever the gloves are worn.
  • The left glove can be commanded to glow with a faint light, sufficient for the wearer to work by, but invisible from a distance of more than 30 feet. The light can be turned on or off at will with a mental command, but will glow for no more than two hours per day.
  • The right glove can be commanded to exude a powerful contact poison (Great strength) that can then be applied with a successful touch attack against the target. The poison causes immediate unconsciousness lasting 2d4 hours. This power can be invoked up to three times per day, each invocation providing one dose of poison.
  • Thrice per day the bearer can project their gloved hands up to 30 feet, allowing them to manipulate objects as if they were standing next to them. The user's vision shifts along with their projected hands allowing them to see what they're working on. Once projected the hands are stationary, moving no more than an arm's reach from their initial position. Each invocation of this power lasts ten minutes.
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