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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Blade of One Thousand Fangs

At first glance this sword could be mistaken for some sort of practice weapon, as its straight 30 inch long blade is encased in a heavily padded, green silk sheath. The blade's carved ivory hilt, jet pommel, and ornate but functional gilded steel guard reveal it to be something more. The weapon's sheath cannot be removed by mundane means, attempts to cut or damage the smooth silk simply slide off.

Identifying the magical properties of the blade will reveal Great damage and accuracy enhancement and Superb protection and necromancy at work. A Great test of divination magic will reveal the blade's secrets.

The magical sheath protecting the blade vanishes with a mental command from the owner, revealing a rod-like, steel blade completely covered with jagged red and black fangs, each one to four inches long, sticking out at every conceivable angle. The blade's sheath reappears with a mental command, or if the hilts are released.

The sword has the following powers and abilities:
  • Great accuracy bonus when used in battle
  • Any blow struck by the blade inflicts horrific bleeding wounds, resulting in Great damage and causing continued bleeding until treated.
  • Each time a successful attack is made one of the blade's fangs breaks off in the wound. This fang will continue to burrow and twist its way into the unfortunate victim, inflicting Poor damage each round until it is removed. Removing a fang is a Good test of medical skill. A fang left in a victim for 12 rounds will work its way to vital organs, inflicting Great damage on the 13th round, then dissolving away.
  • Lost fangs are regrown at the rate of 1d4 per day. The blade will hold a maximum of one thousand fangs. If all fangs are used up, the blade's magic is destroyed.
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