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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Paquin's Spellbook

The black name of Paquin was first introduced in last month's article Paquin's Deceiving Circle. The spells below represent some of Paquin's works from the end of his career, when demonic influences tainted his magic.

Paquin's Ghoulish Touch
When the caster invokes this spell their hands begin to glow with an eerie greenish light. When the caster next touches a living target they drain life from it and heal themselves a like amount (base Fair damage). In combat this requires a successful touch attack. This spell has a maximum duration of 6 rounds, and ends once a target has been drained. This spell has no effect upon non-living creatures (undead, constructs, some supernatural beings). Casting this spell is an Average test of necromantic magic.

Paquin's Vortex of Terror
When cast this spell creates a 30' high, 10' radius vortex of disorienting, flashing black and white images of hideous death, dismemberment, and destruction. At the beginning of each round the vortex moves 10'-40' in a random direction (1d4x10 for distance, 1d8 for direction). Any individual touched by the vortex must succeed at a Good test of will or flee in panic and horror for 1d8 rounds. The caster is unaffected by the vortex. The spell has a range of 100' and a duration of 8 rounds. Casting this spell is a Good test of evocation magic.

Paquin's Fire Tornado
When cast this spell causes one or more fiery tornadoes, 30' high x 5' radius, to spring into being at the location(s) specified by the caster. At the beginning of each round the tornadoes will move 20'-80' in a random direction (roll 1d4x10 for distance and 1d8 for direction twice each). Anyone a tornado passes over takes Good damage from the flames. Anyone standing within a tornado for an entire round takes Superb damage from the flames. A Great resistance test reduces the damage taken by half. This spell has a range of 100' and a duration of 8 rounds. Casting this spell is a Great test of evocation magic. An additional tornado is created for each level of success achieved beyond the base requirement.
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