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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Dragon Slayer's Shield

The Dragon Slayer is a near legendary figure these days, a wandering warrior who dedicated himself to eradicating dragons from the known world. As suicidal as that career choice might sound, the Dragon Slayer was responsible for the death of many great wyrms. His success was based on the strengths of his small band of specialists and his ability to gain support of local military organizations when called upon. No fewer than seven dragon defeats are credited to the Dragon Slayer's hand.

The Dragon Slayer's Shield displays the trophies of some of the Slayer's most prominent victories. The shield itself is made up of four distinct components which could be separated and used individually.

Dragon Bone Body - The body of the shield is formed from the pure white shoulder bone of a dragon, cut into a round form about two and a half feet in diameter. It has a central hole cut for a boss, and is fitted with a white, dragon bone handle.

The body radiates Superb protection magic and provides Great protection from physical harm. It has Epic toughness, able to withstand blows from the strongest of foes without harm.

Scale Boss - The boss of the shield is formed from three black dragon scales cut to completely cover a mithril form.

The boss radiates Superb protection, damage, and accuracy magic. Like the shield body, the boss has Epic toughness. A shield blow struck with this boss attached gains a Great bonus to both damage and accuracy.

Hide Shield Cover - The shield cover consists of three pieces of dragon hide (red, white, and blue), cut and sewn to fit the shield. The hides are covered in very fine scales, which radiate outward from the central boss. Each color covers one-third of the shield's face.

The cover radiates Superb protection magic. It provides Great resistance to fire, cold, and electrical elemental attacks. It has Epic toughness, turning blows and blades with ease.

Bone Rim - The rim protector consists of slices of dragon bone cut into strips, stained black, and sewn to a leather backing. The whole laced to the shield's edge.

The rim radiates Superb divination and protection magic. Like the rest of the shield's components it has Epic toughness. Its divination magic will cause the rim to pulse with faint red light when draconic beings are within 100'.
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