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Monday, March 2, 2009

Butterfly Axe

The double-bit, long-bearded blade of this axe gives rise to its name. The two-handed Butterfly Axe's symmetric blades are forged from fine steel with a deep blue sheen. Each is etched with a fine pattern of silvery lines forming a swirling eye-shaped pattern in the upper and lower half of the blade cheeks. The bleached oak haft is fitted with reinforcing bands of steel and ends in a heavy, spiked knob, making the Axe a very heavy weapon. A knowledgeable weapon-smith will be able to determine that the axe is of Dwarfish manufacture.

Identifying the magical properties of the item will reveal:
  • Good accuracy enhancement
  • Great damage enhancement
  • Great necromantic enhancement
  • The Butterfly Axe radiates neither good nor evil

The axe has Good accuracy and damage bonuses in combat. When used against goblin-type foes the damage bonus is increased to Great. Each foe slain by the Butterfly Axe provides the wielder with a Fair temporary bonus to health. This health bonus does not heal existing wounds, and all temporary health gains vanish when combat ends, possibly leaving the wielder unconscious or dead.
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