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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Delver's Delight

The ultimate tool for dungeon adventures!
The perfect gift for the budding explorer!
Satisfaction guaranteed or you money back!

These slogans appear on the cheap tin case containing this magic item (usually found with the remains of a slain adventurer at the bottom of a pit trap). Contained within the case is a green metal rod approximately one inch in diameter and twelve inches long. A slender groove is marks the rod lengthwise. Three broad silver rings are spaced along the rod's length, each engraved with a series of equally spaced symbols. Each ring rotates, with stops cut so each symbol can be 'dialed in' to the inscribed groove. If checked for magic the item radiates Great alteration and conjuration magic. A Great test of divination magic will reveal the item's command word.

To activate the magic of the Delver's Delight, the user must rotate the rings into a specific pattern, then speak the command word. Aligning the rings requires one round and a light source. In a pressure situation a test of recollection might be appropriate. The item can be activated three times per day. Once a power is activated it must run its course before the Delight can be used again. All created items radiate Fair conjuration magic. The following combinations are possible:

Tool Transformation - transform into one of the following tools for two hours:
  • 10' steel pole
  • Grappling hook and 50' of rope
  • Thieves picks and tools
  • 15' wooden ladder
  • Flint and steel
  • Wooden bucket
  • Metal mirror
  • Spyglass
  • Shovel
Protective Transformation - transform into one of the following weapons or armor for two hours:
  • Long sword
  • Dagger
  • Short bow and quiver with 20 arrows
  • Light crossbow and quiver with 20 quarrels
  • Spear
  • Mace
  • Halberd
  • Helmet
  • Shield
Camping Comfort - produce one of the following items, each lasting eight hours or until used:
  • A comfortable bedroll
  • Food and drink to provide a good meal for six people
  • A small charcoal brazier with fuel
  • An alarm bell and mallet
  • A waterproof, two-man tent
  • A lantern with fuel
  • Grain and water for four horses or mules
  • A small cask of ale
  • Four comfortable stools
Magical Aid - creates one of the following magical constructs of variable duration:
  • Guardian hound - a small magical hound that will bark a warning if anything approaches within 30' of its point of creation. Lasts eight hours.
  • Impressive staff - a six foot long staff of black wood inscribed with golden runes of power and bound with ornate bronze fittings. The staff glows with an aura of power. It functions as a mundane staff and lasts for two hours. It looks impressive!
  • Wandering eye - an invisible floating eye which moves 90 feet per minute and provides the creator with sight wherever it travels. Lasts ten minutes.
  • Phantom coins - a good-sized pile of golden coins that look and feel real. Coins will be of any known denomination and last four hours.
  • Messenger bat - a tiny bat which can carry a message of up to 20 words and deliver it to a named target within range. The bat travels three miles per hour and lasts eight hours.
  • Flaming sword - a standard one-handed sword with ornate golden hilts and pommel. The blade is enveloped in the illusion of flames but is in all ways mundane. Lasts two hours.
  • Sneaky rat - a mundane looking rat that can be commanded to steal one known item, located within 300' of its point of creation. The named item must be small enough that a rat could carry it. Lasts two hours.
  • Crystal ball - a six-inch crystal ball that allows scrying of any known location within five miles, transmitting both sight and sound to the user. Lasts ten minutes.
  • Tricky snake - a slender six-foot long snake that can be commanded to trip or snare anyone passing within ten feet of the point of its creation. Lasts two hours.
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