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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Runic Quiver

The Runic Quiver is made of a single piece of smooth, silvery-gray hide with a faint scaled pattern to it. The mouth of the quiver is wrapped with a band of flexible black metal engraved with a repeating pattern of four runic symbols. The cover flap is made of the same gray hide and bears a 2 inch wide circle of the same black metal. Checking the quiver for magical properties will reveal Good evocation and alteration magic at work.

Each sunrise the metal disc on the quiver's cover will fog over briefly. The owner can speak one of the four runic symbols (earth, air, fire, water, in an appropriate language for the campaign), causing the symbol to appear in the seal. The symbol remains until its power has been invoked three times, or the next day's sunrise, whichever occurs first.

Once a rune is in place, the bearer can pull an arrow from the quiver, speak the name of the current rune, then fire the arrow to generate a special effect, three such arrows can be fired each day (these arrows are destroyed when used):
  • Air - When this rune is spoken the arrow turns into a bolt of lightning that streaks forth from the bow in a path 90' long and 5' wide. The bolt does Good electrical damage to anything within the path.
  • Earth - This arrow can be shot normally, but if it strikes natural earth or stone it causes an explosion of rock and earth that strikes all within a 10' radius for Good damage.
  • Fire - When this rune is spoken, the arrow bursts into three flaming missiles as it leaves the bow. Each missile is treated as a separate attack, and causes normal damage plus Fair fire damage if it hits.
  • Water - When this rune is spoken the arrow turns to steam as it leaves the bow. It creates a dense wall of fog, 90' long and 10' wide in its wake.
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