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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Transmuting Band

These magical rings are potent elemental wards. Each Transmuting Band is a silver band worked into a pattern of over-lapping, polished discs, and set with a pair of precious gemstones, one larger than the other. The gemstones featured depend on the ring's enchantment. If examined for magical properties the ring radiates Great protection and alteration magic.

Each Transmuting Band absorbs one form of elemental damage, transmuting and reflecting it as another. The type of damage absorbed and reflected is determined by the two gemstones set into the ring. The larger primary stone determines what is absorbed, the smaller secondary stone how it is reflected. The primary and secondary stone are never the same.

Primary Stone - If the ring's wearer is attacked by the listed form, the ring absorbs up to Great damage. If the attack is greater than the ring can absorb the remaining energy inflicts damage as normal. The ring only absorbs damage that would affect the wearer, area of effect damage will still affect others, even if the ring absorbs some or all of its damage.

  • Ruby - Absorbs fire
  • Emerald - Absorbs water
  • Topaz - Absorbs earth
  • Sapphire - Absorbs air
  • Amethyst - Absorbs electrical
  • Aquamarine - Absorbs cold

Secondary Stone - In the round after an attack is absorbed the ring reflects the absorbed energy as listed below. Note that the ring's wielder is unaffected by any of the effects listed. Their allies may not be so lucky.

  • Ruby - Wearer gains a flame aura that inflicts Average damage on anyone in melee range.
  • Emerald - Mist billows forth from the wearer, surrounding them in a 10' radius cloud, obscuring all vision for 1-4 rounds.
  • Topaz - Diamond-like shards of earth burst from the wearer, striking the four nearest targets for Average damage.
  • Sapphire - Howling gust of wind jets forth in a 5' wide, 20' path in front of them, knocking down small foes, pushing back man-sized foes, and picking up and blowing away small objects.
  • Amethyst - Discharges a Good strength bolt of energy that strikes the nearest target.
  • Aquamarine - Ice shards spray from the wearer, striking all within a 10' radius with an Average strength cold attack.
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