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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Crooked Hand

This magical relic appears to be a mummified human hand mounted on a short mahogany rod. The hand itself is dessicated and leathery, the fingers and joints twisted and gnarled as if stricken with some bone-distorting disease. Its nails are long corkscrews of blackened keratin, tough and sharp. A fine tracery of silver wire winds up and down the wooden rod and binds the hand to it. If examined for magical properties Crooked Hand radiates Great alteration magic. A Great test of divination magic will reveal its powers each activated with a command word. Each power can be used three times per day and lasts ten rounds. The target must be within 60 feet of the wielder and a clear line of sight must also exist. The target may resist the effects with a Great test of willpower.
  • Crooked eye - The target's vision is warped and distorted causing distant objects to loom up suddenly, while nearby objects vanish in the distance. Any task requiring sight suffers a three rank penalty for the duration.
  • Crooked touch - Sensation is twisted and distorted, soft becomes razor sharp, hard surfaces feel like liquid, and silk becomes sandpaper. The victim will drop anything held and become completely distracted by their attempts to remove anything touching their skin. Ignoring the effects inflicts an Average psychosomatic wound upon the victim each round the effect is ignored.
  • Crooked foot - The victim loses all sense of balance and direction, perceiving the world as a spinning kaleidoscope of color and motion. Any attempt to walk will send them reeling into the nearest person or solid object. Repeated attempts to walk or run have a Fair chance of causing Average damage to the victim or whomever they run into each round.

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