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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Return To Moria: Some Maps

These are two quick maps I pulled together for my Moria campaign using Open Office Draw to lay them out. Note to my players: Don't be peeking!

They show the main upper halls, the lower deeps, the two gates into the Mines, a number of upper and lower natural cavern complexes, and Durin's Tower, with a few miscellaneous markers up too.

The first one is a top-down view of the main areas of Moria.

The second is a side view showing relative elevations.

Of course there's no real scale here, other than a rough 40 miles between the gates.


Alex Schroeder said...

I really like the idea of mappig it out in broad stokes instead of going the way other people have gone by starting with detailed maps.

Mark Thomas said...

I always like some sort of big picture, even just a crude layout, before I start with more detail. I think these are a good start.