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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Flesh Carver

Flesh Carver is a wicked-looking dagger with a short, curved blade chipped from gleaming obsidian. The hilt of the weapon is wrapped in the smooth, almost slick hide of some unknown beast, and a heavy chunk of roughly shaped and polished hematite is fastened to the pommel with gold wire. The dagger has a forward-curving guard of gilded iron. The blade is protected by a heavy scabbard of matching metal set with three rough hematite stones.

If examined for magical properties, Flesh Carver radiates Superb alteration and evocation magic. A Great test of divination magic will reveal the item's enchantment.

Flesh Carver is at best an Average combat weapon, its short blade curiously off balance when wielded in battle. Its true purpose has little to do with combat. Flesh Carver allows the wielder to invoke a Word Curse, a potent malediction that affects the wielder's chosen victims. To invoke a Word Curse with Flesh Carver the wielder must carve the victim's name and the desired Curse into their own flesh. The Curse must be a single word that reflects the effect desired. The base potency of the Curse determined by the wound inflicted during the carving, at least a Fair wound is required to activate the power of the weapon's enchantment.  Each Word Curse must be carved by the wielder's own hand upon their own flesh, and Curses cannot overlap or obscure previous carvings. Each Word Curse consumes at least a six inch by six inch square of skin.

Wounds inflicted by Flesh Carver can only be healed by the passage of time, and they always leave permanent scars reflecting the names of past victims and the curses inflicted upon them. A Word Curse can be removed at the source with dispelling magic at least two ranks greater in potency than the original Word Curse. Removal in this fashion inflicts a wound on the wielder equal to the  dispelling magic required.

Curses are permanent so long as the flesh they mark is alive. Any attempt to dispel a Word Curse from a victim suffers a three rank penalty, and even if successful will only offer temporary relief. A Great test of divination magic will reveal the source of the malediction.

The exact nature and effects of the curses inflicted by Flesh Carver should be determined by the game master. As a guideline:
  • Fair - Occasional frequency with minor effect.
  • Good - Weekly occurrence with noticeable effect.
  • Great - Daily occurrence with debilitating effect.
  • Superb - Frequent occurrence with debilitating effect.
  • Epic - Continuous with debilitating effect.
  • Legendary - Continuous with crippling effect.

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