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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The Mageworm is a magical pest, of extra-planar origins. When they show up in the material world they appear to be two-inch long, dark green caterpillar-like worms, with thousands of fibrous yellow legs. They have metallic silver eyes, stubby silver antenna and six pairs of pincer-like jaws on their head.

Mageworms feed on magical energies and are drawn from their own plane of existence by concentrated collections of these energies. They are a bane to magical storehouses and archives, consuming the energies contained within magical constructs, writings or items with a ferocious hunger.

Mageworms can be kept at bay with fairly simple protective spells (a Fair test of protection magic), and many magical libraries have wards inscribed on their shelves and walls to accomplish this.

The creatures do have one interesting characteristic. For a short time after they consume a particular object or enchantment it's magic is imprinted upon their body. If a Mageworm is slain in this state its body can be used to create a magical potion that may impart the magical property upon anyone that imbibes it.

Creating a potion is a Superb test of alchemy. In addition to the remains of a Mageworm the process requires a Great quality alchemist's laboratory and the dust of a Great quality gemstone appropriate to the magic being captured. Once the potion is created check the following table to determine the result of the alchemical process:
  1. Creates a 1-4 dose potion that imbues the drinker with the magical property consumed by the Mageworm for 4-24 rounds.
  2. Creates a 1-4 dose potion that allows the drinker to project the imbued magic at will for 2-8 rounds.
  3. Creates a single dose potion that permanently alters the drinker, imbuing them with the magical property forever.
  4. Backlash! This 1-4 dose potion inflicts the opposite magical effect upon the drinker. It has a duration of 2-8 rounds.
Other than their appetites, Mageworms are harmless creatures. If disturbed or threatened they will return to their extra-dimensional plane of existence within 1-4 rounds. They can be captured or contained within special enclosures that have been enchanted with Fair protection magic.

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