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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Lamp of Piercing Vision

This large lantern is made from polished brass and silver. The light source is contained within a vertical metal tube within a tube, with a bulbous lens of milky glass protruding from one side like a blind eye. The inner tube can be rotated with a thumb-wheel, exposing one of four internal lenses. The base of the lamp consists of an intricate clockwork mechanism which is wound with a silver key. This mechanism powers the lamp's light source, requiring three rounds of winding to power the lamp for one hour. If examined for magical properties the lamp radiates Great alteration and divination magic.

The lamp gives forth a powerful beam of light in a 20 foot wide by 60 foot long cone. This light is equivalent to a brightly lit room, and, depending on which lens is selected, has the following additional effects:
  • Yellow - this lens cuts through illusions and phantasms, revealing them for what they are.
  • Pale blue - this lens cuts through fog, rain, smoke or other mundane obstacles to vision.
  • Orange - this lens works as a sort of x-ray vision, revealing spaces beyond walls, doors or other barriers. It penetrates up to two feet of stone or wood, or six inches of metal.
  • Deep purple - this lens reveals extra-planar or phase-shifted objects within its area of effect.
Note that only one lens can be active at a time, and switching lenses requires a full round.

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