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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sea Star

These large creatures inhabit calm bays and gulfs in tropical waters, their bulbous bodies floating just beneath the surface, supported by air-filled bladders. Each Sea Star has five long, flat, sucker-covered arms that spread across the water's surface, giving the creature its name. They can move, albeit slowly, using several rows of slim fins that line their bodies.

Sea Stars are predatory and have tiny clusters of eyes scattered along the length of each arm, both top and bottom. When prey comes within reach they attack with their grasping limbs, which they use to envelop and smother prey. Once slain victims are dragged to the central mouth where they are slowly digested. Any inedible bits, including bones and metal, are regurgitated and allowed to fall into the depths.

Sea Stars have the following characteristics:
  • Good toughness - The creature's large bodies are covered with a tough leathery hide.
  • Fair Hide - The Sea Star's natural bluish coloration and habit of floating just beneath the water's surface makes them difficult to spot.
  • Good tentacle attack doing Fair damage. Any successful attack means the creature has been entangled by a tentacle and will take Fair damage each round unless it breaks free (Great test of strength). Each round entangled allows an additional tentacle to increase the damage done and difficulty of breaking free by one rank.
  • Acidic spit - Once every four hours a Sea Star can regurgitate its stomach contents up to 30 feet in self-defense, covering a 10 radius area with Good strength acid.
  • Sink - If seriously damaged, a Sea Star will collapse itself into a shrunken ball, wrap its tentacles around its body, and sink into the depths, dropping 30 feet per round.
Sea Stars have an arm-span of 30 feet. They are often found in vast shoals drifting in still waters. Groups of the creatures have been known to camouflage themselves with seaweed and floating debris to hide their presence.

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