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Sunday, October 25, 2009

A New Gaming Group?

With the recent upheavals in the RPG Bloggers network, Berin Kinsman has taken the bull by the horns and announced the creation of a new social network site focused on roleplaying game content creators.  Here's the announcement he put out via the RPG Bloggers mailing list. Worth a look if you're involved in the RPG content community:

*Welcome to RolePlayMedia.net RolePlayMedia.net*

One thing I keep hearing bloggers, podcasters, and other roleplaying content creators say is that they enjoy the sense of community they've found working and exchanging ideas with other content creators. To that end, I've created a social network for roleplaying media providers and their audiences. It doues matter if you create content for roleplaying games or about them. It doesn't matter if you're a fan, a professional, or somewhere in between. Bloggers, podcasters, vidcasters, writers, artists and, really, everyone else are welcome.

There are blogs, forums, and groups, ways to stream your audio or video, and so much more. It's highly customizable to your needs, a great place to interact with other content providers, a place to plug your stuff, plan crossover events, discover new blogs, podcasts, and creative people. And it's free. Always free. No dues, no membership fees.

*Join RolePlayMedia.net RolePlayMedia.net*

I've gone ahead and joined this new network, because A) it's another place to talk and read about gaming, B) I'm interested in social networks and how they work, and C) it's another channel to find out more about the gaming community (whatever that is).

If you're a reader here, please drop in and say hello or hit me with a friend invite if you're joining up.

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