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Friday, October 30, 2009


The cloak is fashioned from thousands of earthworms, sewn into a calf-length cloak. The worms are preserved by the enchantment, forming a squishy, sticky garment of pinkish-brown flesh. A rough collar of wriggling worms circles the wearer's neck and magically fastens the garment, once the proper command phrases are know. The garment radiates Superb alteration and Good protection magic. A Great test of divination magic will reveal its enchantments.
  • Wormskin provides Good protection against physical damage, its resilient skin simply absorbing the force of the attack.
  • Wormskin's wearer gains Great protection against any grappling or grabbing attacks, which simply slide off the slippery, wriggling surface of the cloak.
  • Wormskin's wearer is vulnerable to fire or heat-based attacks, suffering an additional rank of damage.
  • Burrow - The cloak envelopes the wearer completely then, in the form of gigantic worm, burrows into any soil or earth. It digs to a a depth of ten feet, then becomes inactive. While in the burrow the wearer is completely hidden from sight, the only hint of their presence is a small hole on the surface. The cloak shields the wearer from magical detection, appearing as nothing more than a natural creature hidden beneath the earth. Burrow can be invoked twice a day, and lasts four hours per invocation. The wearer can end the effect at any time.
  • Wormform - Twice per day the wearer can assume the form of a giant worm, allowing them to slither and squeeze through narrow crevices and cracks or dig through soil or earth at the rate of 30 feet per round. This effect lasts up to six rounds.
Yeah, it's pouring down rain here, and my driveway was covered with earthworms when I went out to get the paper. Eww, worms on bare feet!


Norman J. Harman Jr. said...

Yukk! And very cool.

I don't think I(my character) would wear this.

Mark Thomas said...

Yeah I'd have a hard time putting that on, especially after peeling 3 night crawlers off my feet this morning :)