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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mind Shatterer

Mind Shatterer is a three foot long rod of polished bone, carved with intricate sigils and runes of magical power. Each inscribed symbol is stained a different shade of red, orange or green, creating a garish mosaic. The head of the rod is pierced with several thin strips of bone, and from each hangs a thin strip of rubbery leather which ends in a tiny, curiously misshapen, humanoid skull. The butt end of the rod is finished with a corroded and stained cap of bronze.

Examining Mind Shatterer for magical properties will reveal Epic charm and alteration magic at work. A Superb test of divination magic will fully reveal the device's powers.

Mind Shatterer allows its wielder to inflict debilitating afflictions upon their foes. Using this power requires two full rounds of concentration and the speaking of a command phrase. Each affliction has a range of 100 feet and affects all living creatures within a 15 foot radius (friend or foe). Each has a duration of six rounds. This power can be invoked at will (but see below for potential side effects). The effects of any affliction can be resisted with a Superb test of will. The following afflictions can be invoked:
  • Horror - Anyone within the area of effect is struck with a overwhelming sense of dread and terror. They will drop any held item and flee in a straight line away from the nearest living creature.
  • Suffering - Victims of this affliction are wracked with shooting pains and muscle spasms that make normal actions extremely difficult. All movement rates are halved, and any skill or action check suffers a Great penalty when carried out.
  • Vulnerability - Victims of this affliction are cursed with an inability to avoid physical attack. They will step in the path of a sword blow, lower their shield so arrows have a clear path of flight, or drop their guard to allow their foe a clear shot. Any physical attacks carried out against a target with this affliction always does maximum possible damage.
Mind Shatterer can be used as often as desired, but each invocation has a chance of inflicting a side effect upon the wielder (roll percentile dice):
  • 01-85 No side effect.
  • 86-90 Mind Shatterer inflicts an Average wound on the wielder due to blood drain.
  • 91-95 Wielder collapses, bleeding from the ears. Fair damage and unconscious for 2d4 rounds.
  • 96-99 Wielder collapses, bleeding from the ears. Good damage, unconscious for 2d6 rounds, and drained one rank of vitality for one day.
  • 100+ Wielder collapses, bleeding from the ears. Great damage, unconscious for 2d8 rounds, and drained three ranks of vitality for one day.
Each roll of 1-85 applies a cumulative +5 to subsequent usage rolls, until a negative result is rolled.

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