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Monday, March 8, 2010

The Blade of the Heavens

Ancient legend says that once every thousand years the gods appoint a mortal guardian to defend the gates of heaven. The Blade is the chosen one's weapon. It is a heavy one-handed sword with a blade of pure silver and light. The weapon's basket-like guard is carved from purest green jade, inscribed with two guardian lions, each chasing the other's tail. The weapon's grip is wood wrapped with brilliant red wire, and a gleaming chunk of hematite forms its pommel. The Blade's scabbard is made from silver and trimmed in wolf's fur. Three red silk tassels hang from the scabbard's throat.

The Blade radiates Legendary combat and protective magic and Epic alteration magic. An Epic test of divination magic will reveal the item's enchantments:
  • The Blade is a Legendary quality weapon, for all intents it is unbreakable, and grants Superb damage and accuracy bonuses when wielded.
  • The wielder gains Legendary protection from all forms of mental attack, magical influence and control, including charm or fear effects, suggestions, esp, or domination.
  • The wielder can run as swiftly and as tirelessly as a hunting wolf, gaining a Superb bonus to endurance and running speed.
  • When the sword is held the wielder can fly at Superb speed (though only average maneuverability).
  • Lion's Call - Thrice per day the wielder can summon forth a pair of Celestial Lions, supernatural creatures with Superb toughness and flight capabilities. These creatures fight for the wielder using Epic claw attacks and are utterly loyal. Slain Lions vanish and can be instantly resummoned, up to the three per day limit each.
  • Earth's Renewal - Three times per day the wielder can plunge the Blade into the earth for one full round. At the end of the round they are healed an Epic amount of damage.
  • Heaven's Cut - Six times per day the wielder can strike a blow imbued with the powers of heaven. This blow inflicts Epic damage, shatters the target's weapon (Epic test to resist), dispels any enchantments or spells affecting the target, and neutralizes any magical items in use for six rounds.


Timeshadows said...

It certainly would be a rare opportunity to place one of these in a campaign, but I think the strong qualities of the item outweigh that factor, and make it both Cool and Useful. :)

Mark Thomas said...

Probably not something I'd ever use in my own games, since I tend to run grittier stuff, but it turned out nicely. Looks like I need an edit check though. :)