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Friday, March 19, 2010


This large coin purse is made from gleaming, deep red leather, sewn with fine black thread wrapped with silver wire, and decorated with matching silver studs. The main compartment of the interior is lined with heavy black velvet, as is a second, much smaller compartment tucked into the purse's side. Two clasps of silver-chased bone hold Coinflipper's two compartments closed, and a thick loop of leather allows it to be securely attached to a belt or sash. The large compartment will hold about two dozen coins, the smaller, but a single coin.

Coinflipper radiates Superb alteration and Great protection magic. A Great test of divination magic will reveal the item's powers:
  • Sealed - Each of Coinflipper's two two compartments is magically sealed, requiring a command word to open. A Superb test of dispelling magic will bypass this protection, but cause a loud, piercing whistle to sound from the forced purse for ten minutes.
  • Conversion - This power is activated by filling Coinflipper's main compartment with a single variety of  coin, then placing a single coin of a different denomination in the second compartment, sealing both and uttering a command word. This process instantly transforms the coins in the main compartment into identical copies of the coin stored in the secondary compartment. This process works on any form of currency, though the enchantment is sophisticated enough to ignore slugs or counterfeit coins. This power can be used once per day and can alter up to two dozen coins. There is a cumulative 1% chance that all coins involved in the process will be mysteriously destroyed instead of being transformed (this chance resets to 1% when the destruction event is triggered).
Note that coins altered by Coinflipper are exact copies of the original, right down to scratches, markings or dents. A cautious merchant might grow suspicious if they notice a stack of identical coins being used for purchases.

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