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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Mind Shards

This set of earrings is crafted from a single source material, a twisted hunk of sapphire, emerald and topaz shot through with veins of pure gold. When the Dwarven miners pulled this crystalline mass from the depths, even the least sensitive could feel its power. Dwarven artificers carefully split and shaped the raw material into a collection of earrings, each a single stud designed for a piercing, each imbued with a portion of the original stone's power. Each of the jewelry pieces radiates Good charm and enchantment magic. Each piece's power and command word can be discovered with a Great test of divination magic. Each individual earring has a unique power:
  • Empathy - This piece is a simple stud made primarily of topaz and gold. It allows the wearer to sense the emotional state of any sentient being within ten feet. This earring's power can be activated at will with a round of concentration, and lasts so long as the wearer focuses on maintaining the connection.
  • Devourer - This piece consists of three segments of sapphire dangling from a gold base. When worn it allows the wearer to consume the recent memory of a single target within 10 feet. The target will forget the last 2d10 minutes of their existence, feeling a temporary sense of disorientation when the device takes effect. This power can be used three times per day, and the target can resist the effect with a Great test of will.
  • Dominator - The wearer of this polished emerald globe gains the ability to control the actions of a single being (humanoid or mundane creature) within 10 feet for 1d10 minutes. The victim can resist this effect with a Great test of will. The target will carry out any non-life-threatening task set by the wearer to the best of their abilities. This power can be used thrice per day.
  • Watcher - The wearer of this disc, half topaz, half sapphire, gains the ability to see through the eyes of a single being (humanoid or mundane creature) within 30 feet for 2d10 minutes. The victim can resist this effect with a Great test of will. The wearer gains the benefits of any sight enhancements the target is able to use while this power is in effect. Watcher can be used three times per day.
  • Enforcer - This pendant earring is made from emerald shot through with gold. When worn it raises the difficulty of will checks for other Mind Shards powers by two ranks (the will check for Dominator, for example, rises from Great to Epic). This power is passive and affects all other pieces.
  • Expander - This earring is a delicate chain of linked topaz and sapphire rings supporting a single nugget of polished gold. When worn this earring trebles the range of all other Mind Shards. This power is passive.
The wearer of any individual piece of the Mind Shards can concentrate for a round and know the approximate direction of the nearest additional piece, making it possible to find and assemble the entire set.

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Timeshadows said...

I'd be willing to get body piercings to wear 'em all. ;D

Very nice.
--This one would be a great Yirinn (Black Crown) item, if you felt like converting it. :)