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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wander Hut

This artifact resembles nothing so much as a bundle of tiny boards and planks, each carefully planed and shaped. The entire bundle is wrapped in a canvas sleeve covered with tiny runes. The entire package is only six inches long and weighs less than a pound. The bundle radiates Great alteration magic. The command word required to activate the artifact can be discovered with a Great test of divination magic, or divined from the runes inscribed upon the sleeve with a Great test of magical lore.

When the command word is spoken, the bundle instantly expands and assembles itself into a hut-like shelter ten feet tall and fifteen feet across. The single entrance is protected by a vestibule that keeps out wind and rain. Upon command a magical fire burns in the fire pit in the center of the enclosed space, providing warmth and light. The magic of the structure maintains a comfortable temperature within no matter the outside temperature. Up to six people can rest comfortably upon the pillows and cushions scattered across the wooden floor. Each wall has a narrow window protected with a sheet of transparent crystal, allowing vision in all directions.

Once erected the Hut can be commanded to walk by the owner, traveling at a slow but steady pace. The Hut requires a wide, clear path to move upon, and is not particularly maneuverable, but it will adjust its course to avoid obstacles or obstructions. It can cover about 15 miles in a single twelve hour activation period.

The Hut can be commanded to assemble itself once per day. It stands for up to twelve hours before collapsing back into its compact form. The Hut's owner can also command the hut to collapse at will. Anything within the hut is ejected when it collapses.

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Timeshadows said...

Does Baba Yaga know her hut has been duplicated. ;) :D