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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


This artifact appears to be a living plant, its shaft a narrow tree trunk wrapped in vines and tendrils, its butt end a snarl of thick, twisted roots, and its point a trio of stiff, razor-sharp leaves. The six foot long spear is not balanced for throwing, but makes an ideal melee weapon. It radiates Epic combat and alteration magic. A Great test of divination magic will reveal the item's magical characteristics:
  • The spear bears a Great accuracy and damage enhancement.
  • Any successful attack by the weapon deposits a seed in the resulting wound. This seed sprouts into a fast-growing vine, which spreads to entangle a human-sized opponent within three rounds. Entangled opponents are slowed to half normal speed and drained one rank of vitality each round. Entangling vines last 2d6 rounds, then wither and die. Drained vitality is recovered at the rate of one rank per hour.
  • Upon command Vinespear will shoot forth a cluster of tentacle-like vines that will fasten themselves to an inanimate object within 60 feet of the bearer. These vines can be used as a rope for climbing or to break the wielder's fall. This power can be invoked up to three times per day, the vines created last ten turns per invocation.
  • Once per day the wielder can command the tangled roots at the butt end of Vinespear to dig. The spear will immediately begin excavating whatever earth or stone  it is placed against, adhering to the substance until this power's duration expires or commanded to cease by the wielder. The roots can excavate a cubic foot of stone or a cubic yard of soft earth per round. This power lasts up to twenty turns or until the wielder commands the spear to cease digging.

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