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Friday, March 5, 2010

The Summoner's Claw

This device is steeped in demonic magic, radiating Epic summoning and demonology power and possessing an aura of evil. The Summoner's Claw is a short rod-like object made from the petrified hand and forearm of some demonic entity. Four black-clawed fingers curled into a raking hand connect to a pallid, bone-scaled forearm, which ends in a golden cap inscribed with unknown runes at the stump end. Though clearly a dead relic the Claw emits faint warmth, the flesh beneath the scales resilient and slightly squishy. The powers of the Claw can be unlocked with a Superb test of divination magic.

To activate the Claw, the wielder must use it to inflict an Average wound upon themselves (the item's claws are razor sharp, making it a clumsy but effective weapon), and invoking the item's command word. Once activated the Claw summons forth a demonic manifestation which serves the wielder for one hour or until slain. This demon has the general form of a human-sized winged serpent. General characteristics:
  • Good toughness. The serpent's scaled form is resilient and resistant to elemental damage.
  • Good flight ability. The creature is fairly fast and maneuverable.
  • Good claw attack. The creature can attack each round with a pair of claw attacks.
  • Great bite attack. The creature can attack each round with a powerful bite.
Roll once on the table below using a d20, adding one to the result for each summoning. Enhancements are cumulative across summonings. See Enraged below.
1-4Enhanced ClawsThe creature's claw attacks increase either accuracy or damage by one rank.
5-8Enhanced BiteThe creature's bite attack increases either accuracy or damage by one rank.
9-12Scaled FleshThe creature has thicker, tougher scales. Add one rank of toughness.
13-14Elemental ResilienceThe creature gains two ranks of elemental resistance versus a specific element (determine randomly). Subsequent rolls add additional ranks or new elements.
15-16Tail LashThe creature can use its serpent-like tail as a Fair lashing attack. Subsequent rolls increase either accuracy or damage one rank.
17-18SpinesAnyone engaging in melee with the creature suffers an Average wound each round from the creature's protruding spines. If the creature already has spines increase their damage by one rank.
19-20Fearful ShriekThe creature emits a hideous shrieking noise that causes fear in a 10 foot radius, usable at will. Average resistance check to ignore. Subsequent rolls increase radius by 10 feet or the difficulty of the resistance check by one rank.
21Venom SpitThe creature can spit venom up to 30 feet causing Great poison damage to the target for one round. It can use this ability thrice per summoning. Subsequent results increase range by 10 feet or duration by one round.
22Acidic FleshAny wound inflicted on the creature sprays forth a potent acid, inflicting Fair damage on anyone within 10 feet, and damaging metal items. Resistance roll applies. Each subsequent roll increases the potency of this effect one rank.
23EnragedSee below.


The Summoner's Claw binds a true demon (the item's command word is the demon's true name), its magic allowing the creature to partially manifest on the mundane plane. Each time the creature's manifestation is summoned there is a cumulative chance it will be able to take control of the manifestation and inflict its rage upon the Claw's wielder. The Enraged result indicates the demon has seized control of its manifestation. Roll again on the table above, ignoring Enraged results. The resulting creature attacks the Claw's wielder, using all its powers and abilities to inflict maximum damage. Should the wielder be slain, the creature will continue its rampage, attacking the nearest available target until it is slain, or the one hour time limit expires.

Once the Enraged demon has been defeated or dissipated reset the summoned creature back to the basic beast and reset the table roll bonus to zero.