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Monday, March 29, 2010

Goofy Trio

I tend toward the serious in my gaming, but sometimes I need a break. Here are a few items with a lighter theme:
  • The Hat of the Jungle Stalker - This garish, wide-brimmed hat is made from red-dyed rhinoceros hide and fitted with a broad hatband made from tiger's fur decorated with bear's teeth. It radiates Great alteration magic. The Hat radiates Great enhancement magic. When its power is invoked the Hat's owner gains the ability to run one rank faster than their slowest ally. This power can be invoked thrice per day by uttering the secret command phrase "You're bait!"
  • Reflective Bandit's Mask - This bandanna-like mask covers the lower portion of the face. It's dark brown color blending with the dark garb typical of bandits and road-agents. It's Good illusion magic changes the wearer's features enough to make identification almost impossible. The Mask reflects the features of anyone looking at it, so witnesses will always describe themselves when asked to identify their assailant.
  • The Laphound Figurine - This figurine depicts a small, pug-nosed dog, rendered in black and white stone. It's eyes are highlighted with tiny topazes, and a narrow collar of woven pink silk set with sparkling flecks of diamond and pearl. The figurine can be commanded to life for three hours per day, becoming a small lap dog. The creature has no real combat value, but does bark incessantly and beg for scraps if the owner is eating.


Timeshadows said...

The first two, at least, are useful.
--All three are fun. :)

Mark Thomas said...

The third is what results when I dog-sit for my sister. :)