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Monday, March 22, 2010

Summer Rain

This artifact is a large stone fountain, approximately six feet tall. It consists of several pieces, a broad wrought iron base of twisting leaves and vines, a massive lower bowl of pale orange marble, a central vertical riser of wrought iron which matches the base, and an upper bowl, also of pale orange marble, with an ornately carved, three-headed dragon rising from the center. Each of the dragon's three mouths forms a spout. All told the components weigh several hundred pounds and would require a cart to move.

When fully assembled, base supporting lower bowl, riser supporting upper bowl, and exposed to full daylight for one hour the fountain will come to life. Three streams of varicolored liquid, red, yellow, and orange, will pour from the three spouts and mix in the upper bowl, creating a greenish brew. This drains through its serrated edges into the lower basin, which fills but never seems to overflow, the excess liquid mysteriously vanishing from sight. The streams continue to flow until the fountain is hidden frmo the sun, or sundown, when they cease. All accumulated liquids vanish, including any that were removed from the fountain.

Summer Rain, its components, and the liquids it produces all radiate Superb alteration and transformation magic. A Great test of divination magic will reveal its powers. The fountain transforms the energies accumulated from exposure to sunlight into magical liquids, each with a unique effect:
  • Red - The imbiber's veins flow with the heat of the sun, granting limited immunity to cold-based damage. All such damage is reduced by two ranks, and any resistance checks gain a two rank bonus.
  • Yellow - Anyone drinking a dose of this liquid gains piercing sun-lit vision, capable of seeing through the blackest shadow or thickest fog. They gain immunity to any blinding effects, and a three rank bonus to any perception check involving vision or sight.
  • Orange - Energized by the sun's eternal flames, the imbiber gains an increased energy level, allowing them to act more quickly than normal. They gain an additional free action every other combat round.
  • Green - The combined light, heat and energy of the sun give life, and those that drink this green liquid are similarly rewarded. The imbiber heals at an accelerated rate, recovering one rank of damage per hour. They also gain a one rank bonus to all resistance checks against life- or vitality-draining effects.
Each of these effects lasts until sunset of the day the liquid was drunk. The fountain produces enough liquid to create 20 doses of each liquid per hour (each dose is about two cups of liquid).

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Timeshadows said...

Gives new meaning to the name Sunny D-Light. :D
--I wouldn't mind having one of these. :)

Sorry about the lack of e-mail.
--I'm on a roll with the Players' Manual re-write.
---I'll try to get back to you this week. :)