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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Magician's Hand

This item is a short and stubby wand about nine inches long. Magician's Hand is made from a twisted length of petrified wood, the gnarled grain and knots of some ancient branch clearly evident. Polished gemstones, garnets and amethyst carved to resemble tiny leaves and nuts, are set along the wand's length, and each end is protected with a polished platinum cap incised with a nine-pointed star burst pattern. The item radiates Great divination and evocation magic, and any intelligent, magic-using creature that touches it will instantly be granted full awareness of its capabilities and powers. Magician's Hand has the following characteristics:
  • The item grants a one rank bonus to its owner in all uses of divination magic. This bonus applies to effectiveness, duration, range, and information discovered.
  • Any damaging evocation spell cast by the wielder inflicts an additional rank of damage to all targets normally affected by the spell.
  • The wielder gains a one rank bonus to all attempts at using magic-related skills such as artifice, alchemy, or lore gathering. The exact skills affected should be determined by the GM as fitting their own campaign.
  • The wielder gains a Great bonus to all language comprehension tests, and can learn new languages with ease, tripling the normal rate of learning. Any languages learned are retained, even if Magician's Hand is lost or destroyed.

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