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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Figurines of the Sea

The origins of this collection of magical figurines is unknown. Some believe they are relics of a long lost, underwater civilization. Others believe they are the creation of an oceanic divine being. A third school of thought holds that they are created by natural magical processes.

Each figurine is a single piece of coral that appears to have simply grown into its present form. Each is four to six inches long. Fragments of oyster shell and tiny barnacles add detail to the somewhat primitive objects. The figurines feel damp and cool when held in the hand, and each emits a faint odor of seaweed and salt water. If examined for magical properties, figurines radiate Great alteration magic. A Great test of divination magic will reveal the figurine's word of activation and properties.

Each figurine can be used as often as desired. Each time a figurine is used there is a 5% chance it will shatter, rendering it useless. Figurines can only be used in salt water. While animated figurines have Great toughness and vitality. An animate figurine that is 'slain' reverts to statue form and becomes inert for one week. The various figurines and their effects are:
  • Shark - When commanded the shark animates and grows into a 16 foot long great white shark. It can be commanded to attack any foe within a 100 yard radius. The shark has a Great bite attack and Superb swimming ability. It lasts 10 rounds.
  • Swordfish - When commanded the swordfish animates and grows into a 10 foot long swordfish with a magically sharp 'sword'. The swordfish can use its sword to attack mundane vessels, inflicting Fair damage on any portion of the ship it can reach. It has Good swimming ability. The swordfish lasts 10 rounds.
  • Sea Turtle - When commanded the sea turtle grows to 12 feet in length and will serve as a mount for two people, swimming at Superb speed. The sea turtle lasts four hours.
  • Urchin - The urchin figurine grows into a 20 diameter globe of spiny protection, that immediately sinks to the sea floor and remains stationary. A small opening in the bottom of the object provides access to an air-filled interior chamber capable of sustaining four human-sized air breathers. The urchin provides Great defense. It's spines exude a paralytic toxin that affects anyone who attempts to break their way through the urchin's shell. The urchin lasts eight hours.

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