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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Naysayer is a rather ornate ring formed from an unknown, glossy black metal. An intricately carved image of rope winds its way around the band. Seven pieces of agate are set into the carving, each cut into the shape of a knot. In a lighter setting the multiple stones might look gaudy, but in this heavy black band they appear quite fitting. If tested for magical properties, Naysayer radiates Great enchantment and alteration magic. A Great test of divination magic will reveal its properties:
  • The wearer of Naysayer can inspire disagreement in anyone they speak with. While this might seem more a curse than a blessing, because the effect can be controlled, it can be leveraged. This power can be invoked up to three times per day and lasts for a single conversation. The effects can be resisted with a Superb test of willpower.
  • Naysayer can cause disagreement between others. This effect targets four to six others within a ten foot radius and sixty foot range. It has a duration of ten minutes and can be invoked three times per day. Each person in the area of effect will disagree with any conversational point made unless they succeed at a Great test of willpower.
  • The wearer can cause a single target to challenge a point made in conversation. The victim will feel compelled to argue with the speaker, driven by a fiery conviction that their position is wrong. The target can resist this effect with a Superb test of willpower. This power has a range of sixty feet and endures so long as the argument continues. It can be invoked once per day.
Those subject to the effects of Naysayer will remember any induced conversations and the decisions they may have made while under the effects of the item. They will believe the choices were their own, but each day their choices are questioned they gain an additional chance to shake off the effects (a Superb test of willpower). Once free of the item's influence they will realize they were affected by outside influences, but may not be able to identify the source of the effect.

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