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Friday, June 19, 2009

Shrieking Helm

This barbute helm is made of polished steel with ornate, feather-like trim shaped from polished copper. The smooth surfaces of the helm are decorated with images of peacocks rendered in brilliant enamels with blues and greens predominating. The crest of the helm is decorated with a long trailing plume of peacock feathers. The helm radiates Great protection and alteration magic, and a Superb test of divination will reveal its magical properties:
  • The helm provides a Good protection bonus versus magic and a Fair protection bonus versus mundane attack when worn.
  • When the wearer is engaged in combat the plume of feathers lengthens and spreads, forming a broad shimmering cloak behind the wearer. Anyone attempting to attack the wearer from behind must make a Good resolve test or be distracted and dazed for three to six rounds by the shimmering beauty of the feathers.
  • Thrice per day the wearer can cause the helm to shriek. All the peacocks enameled on the helm animate and begin shrieking (if you've ever heard a peacock...) Anyone within 30 feet of the wearer must make a Great resistance check or drop whatever they are holding to try and cover their ears as they are deafened and confused by the horrible noise. The shrieks drown out normal conversation or shouts within 90 feet, rendering speech impossible. The shrieking lasts five rounds, and the wearer of the helm is unaffected by the noise.

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