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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Plainsman's Bow

This composite recurve bow is clearly designed for use on horseback. It is fashioned from a lamination of pale yellow horn and dark brown wood. Its grip is wrapped with a thin but tough layer of hide, dyed a deep green color. Each bow tip is carved with the image of a falcon's head, whose gaping beak serves to hold the horsehide bowstring. Each arm of the bow is painted with a fine pattern of feathers rendered in a rich brown color.

Examining the weapon for magical properties will reveal Great damage and accuracy enchantment and Good alteration magic at work. A Great test of divination magic will reveal the bow's magical properties:
  • Requires Great bow skill and Good strength to wield properly. Though magical in nature the bow has an extremely heavy draw. Only a skilled archer can make use of this weapon.
  • The bow has a Great bonus to accuracy and damage and negates any penalties to bow use for mounted combat.
  • Rabbit's Eye Shot - Thrice per day the wielder can invoke this power to gain an Epic bonus to accuracy and a Great bonus to range, allowing them to hit the smallest of targets at extreme range with ease.
  • Charging Ram - This potent shot strikes with the force of a battering ram. If successful any target up to human-sized is knocked from its feet (or mount if riding) and is stunned for one to four rounds. The attack also does normal damage. This power can be invoked thrice per day.
  • Falcon's Stoop - When this power is invoked, razor sharp talons sprout from the arrow upon impact, inflicting triple normal damage and causing a Good bleeding effect. Pulling this arrow free inflicts a second wound causing normal damage. This power can be used thrice per day.

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