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Friday, June 12, 2009

Serpent Dogs

Today's entry is a beast. I woke up in the middle of a dream last night and this was what was stuck in my head. Go figure.

The Serpent Dog is a stocky canine the size of a boxer, with a similar muscular build. They have a short, smooth tan or brown coat, and a short, thick tail. It is at the head and shoulders where the resemblance to a normal dog ends. The Serpent Dog has two undersized heads on what appears to be a very short, fleshy neck. Appearances are deceptive however, as the beast's two heads are actually attached to two long, retractable necks. These can be extended or retracted independently, and are quite flexible, giving the creature four or five feet of reach with each head.

The Serpent Dog has the following characteristics:
  • Fair toughness and vitality.
  • Two Fair biting attacks each round. Attacks can be directed against separate targets.
  • Good running speed and sense of smell.
  • Mediocre ability to manipulate objects with its two mouths.

Serpent Dogs are likely the result of some sort of magical experiment gone awry. They are naturally aggressive and have a pack mentality. They will mix and breed freely with mundane wild dogs (the two-headed trait is dominant). They are clever (for dogs), and their ability to coordinate the actions of their two heads makes them difficult to pen or leash safely.

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