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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Touch Flesh

This bizarre weapon is a short-bladed, stabbing sword, about 24 inches in length from tip to pommel. The weapon is formed from a gout of blood, magically frozen and shaped into a razor-sharp, slightly flattened blade. The grisly point is attached to a guard and hilt carved from the joint bone of a sizable creature, the ball of the joint forming a slightly off-center pommel. The hilt is wrapped with pebbled, yellow leather. The blade is fitted with a scabbard of the same pebbled yellow leather decorated and stiffened with polished bone. If examined for magical properties, Touch Flesh radiates Superb alteration and enhancement magic.

Touch Flesh has Great accuracy and damage bonuses when used in combat. But more importantly, when wielded, the blade passes through non-organic material as if it were air, making metal armor useless against it. The blade does no damage to non-organic material it passes through, it is simply unaffected by their presence. Note that this makes the weapon useless against some foes (elementals and constructs for example).

To maintain the blade's potency it must taste the dying flesh of a sentient being once per week. If this condition is not met the blade loses its potency until it feeds.

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