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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Sunlash is a heavy, segmented flail. It's two-handed grip is made from bronze-bound cypress. A series of bronze links connect the three short golden rods that form the striking portion of the weapon. The pommel is set with a large yellow topaz, and a polished gold ball with a dozen sharp spikes decorates the terminal end of the weapon. Sunlash is heavy, requiring at least Good strength to wield properly. If tested for magical properties it radiates Great accuracy and damage enhancement and Great evocation magic.

Sunlash has the following characteristics:
  • Good damage and accuracy bonus.
  • Great damage and accuracy bonus versus undead creatures.
  • Radiates light in a 60 foot radius, equivalent to normal daylight in all respects. At will.
  • Sunburst - when a critical strike is achieved in combat the gold ball affixed to the weapon shoots forth two to six beams of solar energy, striking random targets within 60'. The beams have the following effects:
    • Undead foes are seared for Great damage and blinded for four rounds. Blindness can be avoided with a Good resist check
    • Other foes are seared for Average damage and blinded for two rounds. Blindness can be avoided with a Good resist check
    • Allies are blinded for one round unless they make a Good resist check.
  • Solar Storm - Thrice per day the wielder can call down a 20 diameter beam of pure solar energy from the heavens, striking a target of their choice within 300 feet. Any creature within the area of effect takes Good damage from the solar energies released (undead creatures take Great damage). This power can only be invoked outdoors between sunrise and sunset. Clouds and weather do not interfere with this power.
Sunlash must be exposed to full daylight for one hour once a week or it becomes inert, losing all powers and magical bonuses until it has been so treated.

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