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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Path Maker

This item appears to be no more than a sheet of vellum. Its snow white surface is inked with an ornate compass rose on one side and blank on the other, save for a narrow border of entwined, overlapping arrows connecting a random collection of circles, stars, squares and crosses that most resemble cartography symbols. The sheet of vellum is stored within a length of polished bamboo, stained a deep blue, reinforced and capped with copper. If examined for magical properties, the vellum itself radiates Epic divination magic, while its container radiates Great protection magic. Discovering the powers of each item is a Superb test of divination magic.

The enchantment on the container protects its contents from physical harm. The container has Superb resistance to any sort of mundane damage and Great resistance to magical harm. Furthermore the container's contents are warded against scrying or other location or detection magic.

The vellum itself has two functions:
  • Thrice per day the compass rose can be commanded to reveal true north. The vellum is placed upon a flat surface and a word of command is spoken. The rose animates and slowly swings back and forth until it points the proper direction. The direction remains true for five minutes, or until the vellum is moved.
  • Once per day the vellum can be commanded to reveal the path to anything desired by the owner. Again it is placed on a flat surface, this time with the blank side showing. The owner states their desired destination or goal and speaks a command word. The blank vellum clouds over, then shows an image revealing the path to the desired goal. The image shown may be as clear as a map to the desired object, or as obscure as a word or a symbol. The image remains upon the vellum for one day, or until any of the item's powers are invoked.

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