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Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Ghostmaker is a slender, six foot long staff of pale ash. One end is capped with a web of silver inlaid into the wood and extending a foot or so up the shaft. The other end is capped with a similar webbing of gold. Each web is surrounded by a faint nimbus of energy, faint lines of purple power that twist and bend in convoluted knots of energy. If examined for magical properties, Ghostmaker radiates Legendary alteration magic. The secrets of its power can be unlocked with a Superb test of divination magic.
Ghostmaker has the following characteristics:
  • It serves as an Average quality weapon, though its lightweight construction reduces its melee damage potential to Mediocre.
  • Ghostmaker's bearer can see out of phase, ethereal, astral, phase shifted, or otherwise altered beings as if they were normal creatures on the material plane.
  • Any creature struck with the silver end of the staff must make an Epic resistance check vs. magic or be instantly thrown out of phase with the material world (see below). This effect lasts one hour, except that once per day the wielder can make the effect permanent.
  • Any creature struck with the gold end of the staff must make an Epic resistance check vs. magic or be instantly and fully manifested on the material plane. If the creature normally inhabits an alternate plane or has phase shifting abilities, this effect lasts one hour, otherwise it is permanent.
A creature placed out of phase by Ghostmaker remains on the material plane as an invisible, insubstantial ghost. Time passes normally in this state, but the target does not age, require sleep, air, or sustenance. They can perceive the material world, but cannot affect it.

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