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Thursday, June 4, 2009


Windcaller is an ornate, knee length cloak. Snake skins sewn in a vertical pattern form the cloak itself, while long black feathers form the garment's broad collar. The skull of a two-headed snake decorates the cloak's clasp, and its lower edge is trimmed with a row of delicate bird bones. Examining Windcaller for magical properties will reveal Great alteration and evocation magic, while a Superb test of divination magic will reveal the item's uses.

Windcaller has the following powers and characteristics:
  • The wearer is immune to the effects of naturally occurring weather. Cold, wind, heat and precipitation are no more than minor annoyances to the owner. The effects of magical weather are reduced by one degree. This is a passive effect.
  • A swirling gale can be called into being at will. This ten foot radius maelstrom provides a Fair physical defensive bonus against melee attacks and a Good defensive bonus against missile weapons. This power can be invoked thrice per day, and lasts one hour.
  • Once per day the the wearer can summon a small thunderstorm with a one mile radius. The storm takes ten minutes to form and has a duration of one hour. It is accompanied by heavy, driving rain, strong winds, and lightning and thunder. The summoner has no control over the storm or the lightning strikes it produces. The storm can be targeted on any location within a ten mile radius, and once summoned is stationary.
  • Once per day the wearer can calm the weather within a one mile radius. This effect calms winds, stops precipitation, and clears the skies. The effect is stationary once cast, lasts for four hours, and is centered upon the caster.

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