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Thursday, June 18, 2009


This item consists of a pair of light-weight sandals. The sandal uppers are made from narrow strips of mottled black and gold leather from some reptilian source. These strips enclose the front of the foot, while a narrow band secures the sandal around the wearer's ankle. The soles are cut from a heavy, black-dyed leather with a bumpy, pebbled surface. The toe of each sandal is decorated with the skull of a tiny serpent's head, carefully polished and sewn to the leather.

Slitherfoot radiates Good alteration and protective magic if examined for magical properties. A Good test of divination will reveal the sandals powers and abilities:
  • The sandals magically conform to the feet of the wearer, providing a perfect, comfortable fit to any humanoid up to ogre-sized. They maintain the wearer's feet at a comfortable temperature no matter the weather conditions. Walking through deep snow or burning desert sand feels like a stroll across a cool meadow.
  • The wearer leaves little trail when passing through wilderness areas (Good obscurement). Those marks that are left behind appear to be the trail of a lizard or serpent.
  • The wearer can sense changes in temperature, much like a pit viper. This ability has a 60 foot range.
  • Thrice per day the wearer can transform their legs into two scaled, snake-like appendages, 15 feet long. These appendages grant a Great bonus to climbing anywhere they can be wrapped around the object being climbed (trees for example). They also allow a Good constriction attack versus foes. The scaly skin on these appendages provides Good resistance to physical attack. This ability lasts ten rounds when invoked.

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