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Friday, September 4, 2009

Cloud Stone

This necklace is made up of a dozen pendant-like, crystalline beads strung upon a cord of black silk woven with silver thread fitted with a simple silver clasp. Each bead hangs from a circular silver fitting, each inscribed with an array of tiny magical symbols. The beads themselves appear to be quartz, or some other translucent mineral. Their color varies, but they all have a similar polished form. It tested for magical properties the necklace radiates Superb evocation magic. A Great test of divination magic will reveal the command word used to activate the item's powers.

When Cloud Stone's wearer speaks the command word they can pluck one of the crystals from the necklace and make use of its power. Crystals can be activated in this manner as often as desired, but each crystal takes one week to reappear. The type of each regenerated crystal is random. If all crystals are removed from Cloud Stone, the item's enchantment is forever destroyed.

The crystals are:
  • Green - This crystal can be thrown up to 60', shattering when it lands. A 30' radius globe of pulsating greenish vapors spreads from the impact site in one round. Anything within the area suffers Great damage from the acidic effects of the vapor. Inorganic substances are unaffected by the cloud's acid. The cloud lasts for 10 rounds or until dissipated by natural means.
  • Yellow - This crystal transforms into a bolt of electrical energy when thrown, projecting 60' in the direction it is tossed, inflicting Great electrical damage to everything in its path.
  • Blue - This crystal can be swallowed by the owner. Once swallowed it dissolves instantly, permeating their body, and allowing them to pass through inorganic solids as if they were air. While in this form most weapons are useless against them, simply passing through their body without harm. The effects of this crystal last one hour.
  • Gray - When this crystal is tossed into the air it expands to form a shimmering gray hemispherical dome over the user's head. This dome is twenty feet in diameter and ten feet high. It absorbs and nullifies any magical energies that impinge upon its surface from the outside, reducing their potency by three ranks. This globe lasts for ten rounds or until thirty ranks of energy have been absorbed.
  • White - When swallowed, this crystal instantly dissolves into the bloodstream, curing any disease, poison or curse currently afflicting the target. This protection continues for eight hours.

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