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Friday, September 25, 2009

Sand Constructs

This collection of creatures is something I created for an old Dungeons & Dragons campaign. I probably shouldn't be posting them here, since the session they appeared in ended up being a total party kill. Nevertheless, here they are.

Sand Constructs are magical entities summoned from the tainted sands of The Burning, a cursed desert forever tainted by the death throes of a mighty demon. Those who master the summoning spells involved can raise a potent fighting force by using a few grains of  polluted sand taken from The Burning. They all have the following common characteristics:
  • Legendary protection from electrical damage.
  • Terrible resistance to cold damage.
  • Legendary stealth when passing through sandy areas or desert terrain.
  • Great damage reduction from cutting weapons.
  • Sand Constructs slain within a sandy area disintegrate into powder, but reform and regenerate to full health within four hours unless their remains are subjected to a Good dispel magic effect.
  • Active Sand Constructs can be permanently destroyed with a Superb test of dispel magic.
  • All Sand Constructs have a primitive intelligence and are capable of following simple commands from their creator. Groups of Sand Constructs use Good tactics when engaging in combat.
There are three known types of Sand Constructs:
  • Sand Dolls - Two foot tall humanoids that move with Great speed. These creatures attack with Good claw and bite attacks, and have Fair toughness. They often provide distraction or harassing attacks for their more potent Sand Construct allies.
  • Sand Golem - These creatures are squat four-armed humanoids, each arm ending in a heavy fist capable of Great damage. Golems have Superb toughness. Thrice per day a Sand Golem can belch forth a vortex of blinding sand and dust in a 50 foot long, 20 foot wide cone, inflicting Good damage and inflicting blindness for 1d6 rounds on anyone within the area of effect (Good resistance check to avoid blindness).
  • Sand Viper - Massive serpents that are almost invisible in sandy locales. These creatures are capable of inflicting a Superb damage bite attack, but their more potent weapon is their desiccating venom, which they can spit up to 30 feet. Anyone struck by this venom must resist its effect (Great resist poison test) or be drained of one rank of life energy (*). Those completely drained of life energy are left as dried out corpses that quickly turn to dust and disintegrate.Sand Vipers have Superb toughness.
(*) In the original game this was a constitution draining effect.

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