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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spin Caster

Spin Caster is a mace-like rod, with an ornate copper and silver head shaped into an intricate knot of loops and spirals. The rod's handle is formed from dozens of tiny bamboo shoots bound up and woven together with silver and copper wire. Each shoot dyed a different shade of blue or green. Spin Caster is about two and a half feet in length, and though it resembles a weapon, it is not particularly well balanced in the hand. Examining the device for magical properties will reveal Epic alteration and protection magic at work. A Superb test of divination magic will reveal the device's operation.

When a command word is spoken, Spin Caster floats out of its owner's hand and floats head downward in front of them. The handle opens, flower-like, forming a delicate six-petaled construct, each petal a different shade of blue or green. Once fully opened Spin Caster floats above its owner's head and begins to rotate at a steady pace. The entire unfolding process takes two full rounds. Spin Caster will remain aloft so long as its owner remains within five feet of the device. Should they stray it will fall to the ground and collapse back into its rod form.

While active Spin Caster provides its owner with a magical shield. The protection provided determined by the petal facing the attack when it occurs. The number of attacks the device can block is determined by the speed it spins. Initially the device can block two attacks directed at its owner per round. Each speed increase provides defense against an additional attack. Should the device reach a speed of eight it instantly reverts to rod form and cannot be used for one day. To determine the result of an attack when Spin Caster is active, roll 1d8 on the following chart:
  • 1 - The energy of a physical or magical attack is absorbed, causing Spin Caster to gain one speed. Each speed gain increases the attacks blocked per round.
  • 2 - A magical attack is reflected in a random direction (roll randomly) traveling a distance equal to that it had traveled before it struck the device. No effect on physical attacks.
  • 3 - A physical attack is deflected, inflicting no damage. Mundane weapons have a Fair chance of being shattered. No effect on magical attacks.
  • 4 - The energy of a physical or magical attack is converted to energy, and discharged as arcing electrical discharges that inflict Fair electrical damage upon anyone within ten feet of Spin Caster's owner (who is unaffected).
  • 5 - The force of a physical attack is converted into a brilliant spark of blinding light. The attacker has a Good chance of being blinded for 1-4 rounds. Magical attacks are unaffected.
  • 6 - The force of a magical attack is absorbed and converted into a thunderous explosion of noise. Anyone within 30 feet of Spin Caster, including its owner, has a Good chance of being deafened for 1-4 rounds. Physical attacks are unaffected.
  • 7-8 - No effect, the attack passes between Spin Caster's petals and strikes the target normally.
Spin Caster can be activated at will. Once active it will remain so until it absorbs too much energy and falls inert, its owner leaves the area of effect, or it is recalled. Spin Caster can be temporarily neutralized by targeting it with Superb dispelling magic.

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