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Monday, September 21, 2009


These predatory plants are found in arid, desert regions. They closely resemble a typical saguaro cactus, though they tend to be shorter and broader. They range in height from 12 to 18 feet with a body diameter of five or six feet. Each has three to six arms branching from a single point on the main stalk. The entire mass is supported by a network of thick, motile roots, which allow the plant to slowly move across open terrain in search of prey. Saguaronids are often found in groves of a dozen or more individuals.

Saguaronids have the following characteristics:
  • Fair toughness - Saguaronids are covered with a thick rubbery layer of fleshy material which is dotted in wicked spines two to three inches in length.
  • Poor movement - The plants are capable of moving a few hundred yards per day, provided they move over sandy or loose soil. They cannot move over rocks or other hard surfaces.
  • Each Saguaronid bears four to six pink or salmon colored blossoms, which emit a potent narcotic capable of causing drowsiness and hallucinations to anyone within a 30' radius (Good resistance check to avoid the effect).
  • Spine Spray - Saguaronids can shoot forth clusters of four to six needle-like spines up to 30', striking with Great accuracy and inflicting Average damage. Each spine that hits has a Fair chance of injecting the target with a paralytic venom (Good resistance check to avoid the effect). The venom slows the victim a cumulative 50% per dose, with four doses completely paralyzing the target. Saguaronids effectively have an infinite supply of spines.
Paralyzed victims are slowly surrounded, wrapped in thick bundles of roots, and absorbed by the Saguaronid, leaving no organic remains (even bones are consumed), though metals remain untouched.

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