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Monday, September 14, 2009


This six-foot long staff is made from thousands of shards and slivers of crystalline stone, each fragment stacked one upon the other, each glowing with a tiny spark of light. The staff is a bulky three inches in diameter and is on the heavy side (though lighter than a mundane piece of stone that size would be). If examined for magical properties, Sliverstone radiates Superb animation, divination and illusion magic. A Great test of divination magic will reveal the command words required to make use of the item's powers:
  • Light Shards - When this power is invoked the tiny sparks of light that glitter along the staff's length brighten to provide illumination covering a 30' radius area for ten turns. There are three color variants of this power:
    • White - Gentle light, equivalent of daylight fills the area, providing normal illumination. This variant can be invoked at will.
    • Red - Deep reddish light tints the area, providing only dim illumination. Any hidden or secret doors, traps or devices are revealed, glowing brilliant red under this light. This variant can be invoked thrice per day.
    • Purple - Faint purple light saturates the area, providing almost no illumination but revealing any magical objects or enchantments (including invisibility) present. This variant can be invoked thrice per day.
  • Wall of Slivers - Upon command Sliverstone fragments into thousands of individual glowing crystals, which swirl around the bearer in a ten foot thick, obscuring wall of glittering light and motion. This wall provides Epic protection against ranged attacks, deflecting physical missiles and bolts of energy with ease. Anyone attempting to pass through the wall suffers a Great physical attack from the cloud of rock shards each round they remain within the area of effect. This effect lasts six rounds and can be invoked twice a day.
  • Shard Cyclone - When this power is invoked a stream of glowing stone shards bursts forth, cutting a path 30 feet long and five feet wide before vanishing into dust. Anything within this path takes a Great physical attack from the stream of razor-sharp slivers. This power can be invoked at will, but after each invocation the staff must recharge for three rounds before any power can be used.

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