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Friday, September 11, 2009

Tower of the Tortoise

When first encountered the Tower of the Tortoise appears to be nothing more than a small, rather dilapidated tower rising above a steep oval hill of smooth gray stone. A narrow path spirals up the hill to the mossy, bronze-bound oaken door that allows entrance to the tower proper. From the outside the tower appears to be a simple 20 foot diameter structure about 30 feet high. The walls are made from reddish blocks of conglomerate stone containing thousands of tiny pebbles, bits of shell, and the fossilized remains of aquatic creatures. Aside from the main door, there are no other openings in the tower's walls, though crenelations along the top hint at rooftop access.

Once inside the magical nature of the building quickly becomes apparent as the entryway alone is larger than the entire exterior of the tower. The interior of the tower contains a grand entryway which allows passage into a large banquet hall. Stairs wind both upward and downward from this chamber, leading to kitchens and storage chambers below and bedchambers, guestrooms, parlors and libraries above. A third staircase leads from the second floor to the open roof, where a garden runs rampant. In the center of the garden a stone pillar rises from the ground, bearing upon it an emerald green stone statue of a tortoise. A massive aviary rises above the Tower roof.

Magical examination of the tower and the hill it sits upon will reveal the entire area is enchanted with Legendary alteration magic. A Legendary test of divination magic will unlock the command words that allow control of the Tower.

The Tower has the following attributes:
  • The interior rooms and chambers of the tower are constantly cleaned and maintained by invisible magic servants. Beds are made, fresh flowers appear in vases, books are re-shelved, and candles replenished.
  • The kitchen and pantries are continuously stocked with food and drink sufficient to support a dozen people in great comfort, though human hands are required to prepare and serve meals.
  • In the banquet hall invisible musicians can be commanded to play at will, and the massive fire pit burns with a clear, smokeless fire at need.
  • The walls of the Tower itself have Legendary toughness and are impervious to mundane weapons
  • The tortoise statue in the rooftop garden can be used to bring the hill beneath the tower to life. The entire thing animates, taking on the form of a gigantic tortoise. This beast is capable of moving at a slow but steady pace so long as the Tower's owner stands with a hand upon the statue. The owner may direct the creature as they desire. The tortoise will not fight, but has Legendary resistance and toughness and complete immunity to mundane weapons.
  • The rooftop aviary is home to a dozen magical raptors. These massive birds of prey can be summoned forth to defend the tower. Each is capable of Superb flight, has Good toughness and attacks with beak and claws for Great damage.

Any damage inflicted to the Tower, the Tortoise or the raptors that protect it heals at the rate of one rank per four hours. Should the tortoise statue within the garden be destroyed the entire construct crumbles away to gray rubble.


Dyson Logos said...

Very, very cool.

Chris McDowall said...

I like. I like a lot.

Mark Thomas said...

Thanks both of you! Guess I need to walk around the local pond more often!