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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Dialogue Amulets

This device consists of a pair of amulets, one gold, one silver. The face of each amulet bears a representation of an open hand, palm forward. Set within the center of the palm is a large faceted sapphire. Each amulet hangs from a long rope-like chain of matching metal. Both radiate Great alteration magic if an appropriate check is made. A Great test of divination magic will reveal the powers of the amulets.

When only one amulet is begin worn, no benefits are gained, but when the two amulets are worn by different individuals they provide the following benefits:
  • The wearer of the gold amulet gains an immediate understanding of all languages spoken by the wearer of the silver amulet. This understanding extends to anyone within earshot speaking any of the learned tongues, not just the silver amulet wearer.
  • The wearer of the silver amulet can comprehend anything the wearer of the gold amulet says, though they do not gain knowledge of the language involved.
The powers of the amulets persist so long as both are being worn.

If a single individual dons both amulets they are immediately struck unconscious. When they awaken everything they say will sound like gibberish to others, and the speech of others will sound like gibberish to them. This state of language confusion will last for one day.


F. Douglas Wall said...

Gives whole new meaning to "talk to the hand"!

Mark Thomas said...

You know I wasn't thinking that when I wrote this up, but you're right.