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Thursday, September 17, 2009


Ransomer is a short, heavy rod of polished redwood. Each end is capped with a lacy filigree of mithril and gold set with tiny globes of lapis lazuli. A deep blue leather grip covers the butt end of the rod. Ransomer is about three inches in diameter, and thirty inches long. Ransomer radiates Epic charm and alteration magic. An Epic test of divination magic will reveal the device's powers:

Upon command Ransomer can completely entrap and absorb the mental energies and physical form of a chosen target. This power requires physical contact (a successful physical attack) and the target can resist the effect (Epic difficulty). This power can be used once per hour, though only one target can be contained within the rod at a time.

With a second command, Ransomer can eject its trapped target contained within a small, unbreakable crystal of lapis lazuli. This crystal is almost impervious to harm (Legendary toughness) and easily fits within a pouch or pocket.

Ransomer's owner can restore a victim stored in the rod or crystal at will, though the crystal must be within line of sight. The rod has sufficient power to maintain one crystal and one trapped victim at a time. If the owner attempts to snare a target while someone is within the rod, that victim is ejected as a crystal. Creating a new crystal automatically frees any previously 'crystalled' victim.

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