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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Strangler Moss

This insidious plant appears as nothing more than typical pond moss, floating on the surface of lakes, swamps, ponds, and other still or slow-moving waterways. It forms large, irregular, green mats that drift with the wind and tend to accumulate along shorelines or obstructions.

Looks can be deceiving. Strangler Moss is quasi-sentient, and any creature brushing against its fibrous mass will quickly attract its attention. The plant is immobile, but it can curl and lengthen the thousands of tiny strands that compose it's primary substance. Once a living creature comes in contact with these sticky strands, the rest of the mass will gradually contract around the victim, covering every exposed surface with a thick mat of dense, stringy, water-logged vegetation. Weighed down with this massive burden, most creatures simply sink and drown, providing the Strangler Moss with food as it slowly absorbs anything organic it comes in contact with.

Strangler Moss has the following characteristics:
  • Good camouflage in its natural setting.
  • Average entangling grasp to anything that touches it. The strength of this ability increasing by one rank per two rounds. Victims that fail to break free after eight rounds are pulled under by the weight of the Moss.
  • Great resistance to crushing or stabbing damage. Poor resistance to cutting damage.
  • Immune to fire or electrical attack. Terrible resistance to cold damage.


Anonymous said...

I like it. I'll see what I can do to convert it to 4e if you like.

Mark Thomas said...

Well my goal here is to post everything in a fairly system neutral format, so anyone can adapt anything to the system of their choosing. I'd be curious to see what this would look like if you do convert it though. :)