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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The PBM game I've been running for the last year or so has finally reached its conclusion so I'm starting to work on the next game I'm going to be running. It's something vaguely post-apocalyptic, and we'll probably be using some variant of FUDGE/Fate. Here's the quick and dirty intro I wrote to give pique the player's interest:

It ended not with a bang, but a whimper.

People predicted the end was coming for years. War. Disease. Climate change. Asteroids. Super volcanoes. No matter how outlandish the cause, someone was there, claiming it would cause the downfall of civilization as we knew it.

Who would have thought they were *all* right?

Over one hundred years have passed since the Fall. For the most part only stories remain. Stories of New York and Washington under water. Of Los Angeles consumed by wild fires and riots. Of a great meteor that struck Europe and blackened the skies for months. Of plagues that killed thousands. Stories of wars fought for oil. For religion. For technology. Stories of despair and death. Of poison vials released from secret labs. Of terrible weapons unleashed from space. Stories of burning skies and terrible storms that wiped away entire cities. Stories of honor and courage. Of those who faced the darkness and fought. Fought and lost.

The world is different now. No gas. Little power. The sun still burns. Much of the land has been seared by fire, or worse. The world is alive with danger. Man's domination of the land has faded and the wild things have returned. People have changed as well. The disasters that brought down civilization affected mankind as well, twisting gene and mind in equal measure. Not everything that looks human is human.

But the green has come back. Mankind survives. Scattered and isolated for the most part, but stubborn and resilient. Mankind survives.

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