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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Parachute Spider

These large tropical spiders inhabit the treetops of dense forests and jungles. They have long, slender, hairy legs and broad flattened bodies. They are green and brown in color, and their multiple eyes are black orbs. Parachute spiders have a two to three foot long body and a leg-span of six to eight feet.

Parachute spiders take their name from their method of hunting. They spin small circular webs the diameter of their leg-span, and then hang from tree limbs with outstretched legs, waiting for prey to pass beneath. The web serves as both a crude wing, allowing the spider to glide significant distances, and as a snare, the sticky webs quickly enveloping prey when the spider lands atop them. A quick bite and the victim is usually done for.

Parachute Spiders have the following characteristics:
  • Mediocre toughness - they are rather spindly and will flee into the treetops if their victim breaks free of the snare.
  • Good camouflage - when lurking in the treetops Parachute Spiders blend in quite well with the foliage.
  • Good bite attack injecting Good strength paralytic poison.
  • Superb web snare - if the target is snared they must make a Great test of strength to break free from the entangling webs.

Parachute Spiders are usually solitary hunters, though multiple creatures from the same spawn may lurk in the same area, giving the impression of cooperation.

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